Who we are

pNan(避難) means a refuge (for refugees) in Korean. The Refuge pNan(避難處) is a Christian NGO which protects and assists North Korean and international refugees seeking asylum in Korea and abroad.

Executive director

: Abraham Ho-taeg Lee ( Activist for refugees )
: Doo-hoon Kwon (Pastor), Myung-sook Cho (Vice principal at Yeomyung School), Jong-chul Kim (Lawyer at APIL),
  Ho-jin Cho (Journalist at TakionWorld), Kye-dong Kim (Computer engineer), Ji-yeon Chung (Executive director at Gachimoa)
: Hung-jae Park (Pastor), Won-jee Lee (Social worker)

1999.06.14. Established, Started to support North Korean refugees
2000.01. Started Legal Aid for Asylum-seekers in Korea
2003.01. Started 'Jayoutuh School' for North Korea defectors
2005.11.08. Registered as NGO to the Ministry of Justice(register No. 6 )
2007.09. Awarded with the "Prize for Protecting Human Rights" by Seoul Bar Association
2007.09. Started to support the international refugees in aboard (Burmese refugees in Malaysia, Thailand
2008.06. Appointed 'Hyun-Joon, Shin', actor, as a goodwill ambassador
2009.08.12. Corporated as a juridical person
2010.04.28.Asia-Pacific Refugee Rights Network - East Asia Working Group NGO Conference
2010.11.29. Published a book titled “ Here is your Refuge” by Changbi Co.
2011.01. Opened the Shelters for Asylum seekers and North Korean Kids
2012.02.10. Awarded with the "9th Candle Prize" by Univ.Students' Volk Culture Monitoring Group
2012.12.23. Awarded with the "24th Asan Social Service Prize" by Hyundai
2013.12.10. Awarded with the "National Human Rights Prize" by National Human Rights Commission
2014.7.1. Implementing Partner contract with UNHCR
2015.11.2. Korea-Japan-US Good Practice Exchange Conference: Reception and Integration of Refugees and Asylum-Seekers : National Assembly.
2016.1.3. Church of pNan opening worship service
2017.4.22. R-Center for women refugees opened
2018.10.27. Transit shelter opened.
2018.12.31. Awarded by Minister of Justice.
2019.12.12. Diaspora and Refugee Center opened.
2020.1.1. Office moved to : 76, Gamasan-ro, Gumcheon-gu, Seoul
What we do

* Activities for international refugees
(1) Refugee Protection :
RSD(refugee status determination process) Assistance, asylum process support, litigation;
Research on COI(Country of Origin Information) & translation
Advocacy for Korea refugee law and system development
(2) Refugee Assistance :
Providing Shelters
Job Mentoring
Sharing Closet for Refugees: sharing goods, visiting refugee houses and other supports in need
(3) Refugee School :
School for Refugee Community, refugee kids, and Volunteers;
Korean language class; Tae-kwon-do class
(4) Overseas Refugee Aid :
Research Visit (research visits to countries of refugee origin); Refugee Camp Assistance ( assistance for refugee camp in Asia & Africa)

* Activities for North Korean refugees
(1) Jayoutuh School :
An evening school for North Korean defectors (6pm-9pm everyday); English classes and activities with native speakers and volunteer teachers
(2) Activities for North Korean refugees overseas:
Integration assistance for North Korean defectors in South Korea 1) Rescue of North Korean refugees overseas 2) Campaigns for North Korean human rights and refugees.

Please share your talents and resources with us. You can donate to : Kookmin Bank(KB star, swift code : CZNBKRSE) 99-222 333 444 (depositor: The Refuge pNan)

Address : 76, Gamasan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea, 08500
Tel : +82-2-871-5382, Email : pnan@pnan.org
How to get to pNan

Subway Line 7 & 1, Gasan Digital Complex Stn.(#746,P142) exit #6, Bus 571 final stop ,terminal.